in Moquegua

El Bandido

A strange sight in Peru, this cowboy-themed bar seems to fit perfectly with Moquegua’s rough-and-tumble frontier attitude. Wood-fired pizzas are made to order, and the beer just keeps flowing.
in Moquegua

Restaurant Moraly

Near the town center, this classy but affordable Peruvian cafe is perennially full during lunchtime. The dueña (owner) is a real pistol. Try her patience at your own risk!
Pizza in Moquegua

Vissios Pizzeria

A little more chic than your average pizza joint, Vissios has bright red walls, waiter service and modish photo prints on the wall. The roaring eat-in, take-out trade is spearheaded by pizzas, pastas, and iffy super…
Breakfast in Moquegua

Roda Fruta

Grab your eggs, granola, yogurt and fruit salad in this salubrious breakfast place with casual seating. There’s another branch in Calle Arequipa.