During the Spanish colonial period the Moquegua Valley was a major wine producer with more than 120 wineries operating in this dense little strip. These days they almost all lie in various states of ruin and are interesting to visit. Most are within a short walk of the highway. You can find a map on the wall of the Museo Contisuyo.

There are a number of traditional wine producers still operating in the valley including Bodega Biondi which produces the region's best pisco.


It’s best to pass up the cheap hostels near the bus stations in lieu of a safer and more comfortable option closer to the center of town.


Moquegua has surprisingly good eateries for such a small town. Most restaurants are within a couple of blocks of the plaza.

Drinking & Nightlife

You can sample some of the many piscos produced in the valley at some of the bars in the blocks around the Plaza de Armas.