Top things to do

Peruvian in Mollendo

Charlie's Catarindo

Tucked away in a secluded cove framed by rocky mountains just north of town, Charlies is the local go-to place for a long lunch followed by a couple of drinks. Take a seat out under the umbrellas next to the water o…
Peruvian in Mollendo

Marco Antonio

This little cafe and eatery scores big on ambience, with classic old-time styling and a few modern touches. The seafood dishes are direct, unpretentious and delicious.
Historic Building in Mollendo

El Castillo de Forga

El Castillo de Forga was built in 1908 on a crag between two of the beaches just south of the city center by a rich arequipeño (inhabitant of Arequipa) in love with European architecture. Once an eye-catching statel…
Amusement Park in Mollendo

Aquatic Park

When temperatures are searing from January through to at least March, the beachside aquatic park opens alongside the sea.
Ice Cream in Mollendo

Heladería Venecia

For ice cream and snacks, this has some intriguing local fruit flavors and may tempt you with free samples.