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Getting There & Away

From Aguas Calientes, frequent buses for Machu Picchu (S80 round-trip, 25 minutes) depart from a ticket office along the main road from 5:30am to 3:30pm. Buses return from the ruins when full, with the last departure at 5:45pm. There's a proposal for a tram to eventually replace the bus system, still in the preliminary stages of consideration.

Otherwise, it’s a steep walk (8km, 1½ hours) up a tightly winding mountain road. First there’s a flat 20-minute walk from Aguas Calientes to Puente Ruinas, where the road to the ruins crosses the Río Urubamba, near the museum. A breathtakingly steep but well-marked trail climbs another 2km up to Machu Picchu, taking about an hour to hike (but less coming down!)