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Village in Lunahuaná


A tiny settlement 6km further up the valley from Lunahuaná, Catapalla is notable for one of the valley’s oldest artisanal wineries, the venerable La Reyna de Lunahuaná which presides over the main plaza. The owners …
Ruins in Lunahuaná


The most notable archaeological site in the Cañete Valley is Incahuasi, the rough-walled ruins of the military headquarters of the 10th Inca king Túpac Yupanqui, located on the western outskirts of Lunahuaná. It is …
Winery in Lunahuaná

La Reyna de Lunahuaná

A rustic bodega producing both wines and piscos, venerable La Reyna de Lunahuaná presides over the main plaza in Catapalla, about 6km east of Lunahuaná. The owners here can teach you the ABCs of pisco (Peruvian grap…
Winery in Lunahuaná

Bodega Santa Maria

A very civilized semi-industrial winery 1km north of the town with flowery grounds and large wooden casks that retain the air of an Andalucian sherry bodega. Free samples of the sweet-ish wine (red, white and rosé) …
Church in Lunahuaná

Iglesia Santiago Apostal

Lunahuaná is small with little of architectural significance outside of its main square, which is crowned by the Iglesia Santiago Apostal dating from 1690. The square’s arched portales hide bars and shops that speci…
in Lunahuaná

Bodega Los Reyes

Close to town, Bodega Los Reyes is generous in its measures. It still allows visitors to get their feet wet – literally – treading grapes the traditional way during the months of February and March.
Peruvian in Lunahuaná

Don Ignacio La Casa del Pisco

One of the best pisco-biased restaurants on the main square where you can dilute the local ‘rocket fuel’ with typical food from the area, including memorable crawfish.
Viewpoint in Lunahuaná


It’s a five-minute walk from the main plaza up to a scenic mirador (lookout) with great views of the town and its surrounding greenery.
Peruvian in Lunahuaná

Sabores de mi Tierra

Cheap, earthy flavors served up for as little as S6 for a main plus starter. Try the chicken stew and prawn chowder.
Sports in Lunahuaná

Adventure Sports Festival

Lunahuaná hosts an adventure-sports festival in late February or early March.