Food in Lima

La Sanahoria

Natural-foods market La Sanahoria has grown to have three locations around Lima, making it that much easier to get your fix of national maca, bitter chocolate, healthy grains, and organic veggies. Fresh extracts and…
Food in Lima

La Calandria

Stock up on organic groceries and sundries in this neighborhood shop. Refrigerators hoard fermented drinks and yogurt, and shelves are lined with bulk grains and tempting chocolate bars made from Peruvian cacao. You…
Shoes in Lima

La Zapateria

Though it appears quite small, there’s a lot going on inside La Zapateria, one part showroom, one part workshop. Handmade leather shoes can be made to order, and there are plenty of stylish models ready-made on the …
Vintage in Lima

Cuatro en un Baúl

With furniture and framed artworks inspired by decades past, as well as small keepsakes such as children’s books from national authors and playful figurines, this unique store is perfect for those who like to decora…
Fashion in Lima


A complete experience for the senses, this towering shop boasts four floors to explore, each providing something different. Designer pieces and jewelry from national and international fashion names, as well as home …
Food & Drinks in Lima

Flora & Fauna

Whole Foods, meet your Peruvian cousin. A friendly, bright space complete with an outdoor eating area welcomes you in to peruse shelf after shelf of organic, all-natural products. All your favorite Peruvian superfoo…
Arts & Crafts in Lima

Las Pallas

For special gifts, check out this handicrafts shop featuring a selection of the highest-quality products from all over Peru; it’s even on the radar of Sotheby’s. Ring the bell if the gate is closed during opening ho…
in Lima

El Virrey

The San Isidro branch is a bibliophile’s dream, with a vintage book room stocked with thousands of rare editions.
Arts & Crafts in Lima

La Casa de la Mujer Artesana Manuela Ramos

Crafts cooperative whose proceeds support women’s economic development programs, at cuadra 15 of Av Brasil.
Arts & Crafts in Lima

Agua y Tierra

A tidy shop that specializes in crafts from the Shipibo, Aguaruna and Asháninka cultures from the Amazon.