Top Choice Fusion in Lima

Astrid y Gastón Casa Moreyra

The standard-bearer of novoandina cooking in Lima, Gastón Acurio’s flagship French-influenced restaurant as run by Lima native Diego Muñoz remains a culinary tour de force. The seasonal menu features traditional Per…
Fusion in Lima


With an Amazonian bent, chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s seasonal menu features deftly prepared delicacies such as crisp, seared cuy and Amazonian river snails bathed in spicy chorizo sauce. Don't forego the cocktails…
Fusion in Lima


A consistent favorite of discerning palates, here Chef Rafael Osterling produces a panoply of fusion dishes, such as tiradito bathed in Japanese citrus or suckling goat stewed in Madeira wine. For slimmer budgets th…