Top Choice Novoandina in Lima

Astrid y Gastón Casa Moreyra

The standard-bearer of novoandina cooking in Lima, Gastón Acurio’s flagship French-influenced restaurant as run by Lima native Diego Muñoz remains a culinary tour de force. The seasonal menu features traditional Per…
Top Choice Peruvian in Lima


Part restaurant, part laboratory, Central reinvents Andean cuisine and rescues age-old Peruvian edibles you'd find nowhere else. Dining here is an experience, evidenced by the tender native potatoes served in edible…
Top Choice Peruvian in Lima

El Rincón que no Conoces

Worth the taxi trek to Lince, this mecca of comida criolla was founded by the late Teresa Izquierdo Gonzales, a home-trained cook who grew into a beloved national icon. It’s all good. Try the creamy ahí de gallina, …
Top Choice Amazonian in Lima


Chef Pedro Miguel's latest wonder is wholly dedicated to the abundance of the Amazon. Start with tart jungle-fruit cocktails and oversized tostones (plantain chips). Banana-leaf wraps, aka juanes, hold treasures lik…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Lima


Creamy, dense chocolate, bright herbs, Madagascar vanilla or tart jungle fruit: this is Lima's best gelato, made fresh daily.
Top Choice Peruvian in Lima


Go old school. This is home-style criollo food at its best. Isolina doesn't shy away from tripe and kidneys, but also offers loving preparations of succulent ribs, causa escabechada (with marinated onions) and vibra…
Top Choice Peruvian in Lima

La Picantería

Just blocks from the famous Surquillo market, diners share two long tables to feast on sea urchin omelette, stuffed rocoto peppers and stewed ossobuco. These traditional plates, hailing from both northern and southe…
Pizza in Lima


On a street littered with European restaurants, this is one of the most reasonable: a woody, candle-bedecked spot serving house-made pasta, gnocchi and pizza from a wood-fired oven. It’s popular with local families.…
Italian in Lima

Antica Trattoria

A longtime Italian spot with a nouveau-rustic air serves wood-fired pizza, as well as savory concoctions such as fresh ravioli stuffed with crab and tender osso buco with creamy polenta.
Vegetarian in Lima

Bircher Benner

A longtime vegetarian restaurant and shop that produces a lengthy list of dishes, including veg-only versions of Peruvian staples such as lomo saltado, as well as a worthy ‘ceviche’ crafted with marinated mushrooms,…