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Medical Services

There are a number of clinics with emergency services and some English-speaking staff. Consultations start in the vicinity of S80 and climb from there, depending on the clinic and the doctor. Treatments and medications incur an additional fee, as do appointments with specialists.

Pharmacies abound in Lima. Botica Fasa and InkaFarma are well-stocked chains – open 24 hours; they often deliver free of charge.

You can have glasses made cheaply by one of the opticians along Miró Quesada in the vicinity of Camaná in Central Lima or around Schell and Av José Larco in Miraflores.

The following medical services are also recommended:

Clínica Anglo-Americana A renowned (but expensive) hospital. There’s a walk-in center in La Molina, near the US embassy and a branch in San Isidro.

Clínica Good Hope Quality care at good prices; there is also a dental unit.

Clínica Internacional A well-equipped clinic with specialties in gastroenterology, neurology and cardiology.

Clínica Montesur Devoted exclusively to women’s health.

Clínica San Borja Another reputable clinic, with cardiology services.

Instituto de Medicina Tropical Good for treating tropical diseases. Located within Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia. The immediate area around the hospital is safe, but the surrounding neighborhood can be rough.

Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño A pediatric hospital; administers tetanus and yellow-fever jabs.