Free Stuff

Puente de los Suspiros A romantic wooden bridge that's inspired many a folk song.

Iglesia de las Nazarenas One of Lima’s most storied churches.

Iglesia de San Agustín An elaborate facade with a somewhat less impressive interior, save for a chilling woodcarving.

Choco Museo Miraflores More of a shop than a museum, but worth a visit to be tempted by the on-site chocolate production.

Iglesia de San Pedro A small baroque church with a sumptuous interior.

Museo Central Displays centuries of Peruvian art; ID required.


Maido World-class Nikkei (Japanese-influenced) fare.

Caleta la Punta Super-fresh ceviche and fried fish right at the port.

La Picantería Awesome traditional preparations from Northern and Southern Peru.

Pescados Capitales The name of this swish ceviche haunt plays on pecados capitales – cardinal sins – for good reason.


Fundación Museo Amano Breathtaking indigenous weavings from millennia ago.

Museo Andrés del Castillo A wonderful private collection of Nazca textiles, minerals and Chancay pottery.

Museo Mario Testino Oversized works from the fashion photographer who shaped modern icons.

Espacio Fundacion Telefonica Fast-forward to the future with this fun look at art and technology.

Lugar de la Memoria A powerful reflection on the violent end of the 20th century in Peru.

Colonial History

Santuario de Santa Rosa de Lima This modest adobe sanctuary pays homage to America's first saint.

Convento de los Descalzos Nuns may have lived simply in this 16th-century convent, but they also made wine.

Museo Pedro de Osma These sumptuous colonial rooms bring you straight back in time.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo Don't lose your head over the skulls set on display here.

Fortaleza del Real Felipe This stately safeguard from pirates now flanks the desolate port.