Immigration in Lima

Oficina de Migraciónes

Contact the Oficina de Migraciónes for visa issues or to apply for residency. Tourists can stay in Peru for 183 days. If you plan to stay the full period, speak up when you get your entry stamp to get the maximum al…
Tourist Information in Lima

Instituto Geográfico Nacional

For topographical maps, go to the Instituto Geográfico Nacional. In January, the IGN closes early, so call ahead. Its maps are for sale or for reference on the premises. It has a good road map of Peru (1:2,000,000) …
Booking Service in Lima


A one-stop shopping broker that sells tickets online to sporting events, concerts, theatre and some peñas (bars or clubs featuring live folkloric music), as well as the tourist train to Huancayo. Teleticket offices …
Police in Lima

Policía de Turismo

Main division of the Policía Nacional (National Police) at Museo de la Nación. English-speaking officers who can provide theft reports for insurance claims or traveler’s-check refunds. In heavily touristed areas, it…
Bank in Lima

Banco de Crédito del Perú

Has 24-hour Visa and Plus ATMs; also gives cash advances on Visa, and changes Amex, Citicorp and Visa traveler’s checks. The Central Lima branch has incredible stained-glass ceilings. There's another branch at José …
Library in Lima

Biblioteca Nacional

The nation’s biggest public library, with a broad collection of Spanish texts and historic archives, is housed in a corner building on a side street near Av Javier Prado and Aviación. Short-term visitors can use the…
Travel Agency in Lima


The official International Student Identity Card (ISIC) office, InteJ can arrange discounted air, train and bus fares, among other services. Note that this ID used to be valid for student entry to Machu Picchu, now …
Bank in Lima


ATMs (24-hour) operate on the MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, Visa and Plus networks and dispense soles and US dollars. There are also branches at Miraflores Larco and Miraflores Pardo.
Travel Agency in Lima

Fertur Peru Travel

A highly recommended agency that can book local, regional and international travel, as well as create custom group itineraries. Discounts available for students. There's another branch in Miraflores.
Hospital in Lima

Instituto de Medicina Tropical

Good for treating tropical diseases, located within Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia. The immediate area around the hospital is safe, but the surrounding neighborhood can be rough.