Clothing, jewelry and handicrafts from all over Peru can be found in Lima. Shop prices tend to be high, but bargain hunters can haggle their hearts out at craft markets. Credit cards and traveler’s checks can be used at some spots, but you’ll need photo ID.

Quality pisco can be bought duty-free at the airport prior to departure.


Small shops selling crafts dot the major tourist areas around Pasaje de los Escribanos in Lima Centro, and near the intersection of Diez Canseco and La Paz in Miraflores. To buy crafts directly from artisans, visit the Ichimay Wari collective in Lurín.

A number of Miraflores boutiques sell high-quality, contemporary alpaca knits.

Local Markets

Local markets get crowded; watch your wallet.

Shopping Malls

In San Isidro, Conquistadores street is cluttered with high-end boutiques, or you can experience the full-blown Peruvian mall-rat experience.

Camping Equipment

A number of shops sell specialized clothing, backpacks and a variety of other gear.