Lima is overflowing with establishments of every description, from rowdy beer halls to high-end lounges to atmospheric old bars.

Central Lima

Nightlife downtown is for the nostalgic, composed largely of vintage hotel bars and period halls. Prices are cheaper here than in other neighborhoods.


From old-world cafes where suited waiters serve frothy pisco sours to raucous watering holes blaring techno and salsa – Miraflores has a little bit of everything. The area around Parque Kennedy is particularly suited for sipping and people-watching.


Barranco’s trendy bars and clubs are concentrated around Parque Municipal, which is thronged with revelers on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Club Scene

The club scene gets started well after midnight and keeps going until the break of dawn. Barranco and Miraflores are the best neighborhoods to go clubbing, but spots come and go, so ask around before heading out. Music styles and cover charges vary depending on the night of the week. For other options, hit ‘Pizza Street’ (Pasaje Juan Figari) in Miraflores, where a row of raucous clubs regularly spins its wares.

Nightlife Listings

Cinemas, theaters, traveling art exhibits and concerts are covered in the daily El Comercio, with the most detailed listings found in Monday’s ‘Luces’ section. Likewise, the informational portal Traveling & Living in Peru ( maintains an up-to-date calendar of events. More youth oriented is Oveja Negra (, a Facebook page listing happenings.