Surfing has long been Lima's go-to sport, but with the city becoming more active options are expanding. Cycling and running along coastal paths have become widely popular. The adventurous can paraglide right from coastal Miraflores. Off the coast of Callao, you can dive in waters in which sea lions cavort.


Bike paths along the coast and designated lanes in Miraflores make the area great for cycling. Popular excursions from Lima include the 31km ride to Pachacamac, where there are good local trails open between April and December. Expert riders can inquire about the stellar downhill circuit from Olleros to San Bartolo south of Lima. For general information on cycling (in Spanish), try Federación Deportiva Peruana de Ciclismo or the Facebook page of Ciclismo Sin Fronteras Miraflores.


From the Miraflores cliff tops, tandem flights (S260 for 10 minutes) take off from the cliff-top ‘paraport’ at the Parque Raimondi to soar over coastal skyscrapers and gaze down at the surfers.

Swimming & Water Sports

Despite the newspaper warnings about pollution, limeños (inhabitants of Lima) hit the beaches in droves in summer (January through March). Playa Costa Verde in Miraflores (nicknamed Waikiki) is a favorite of local surfers and has good breaks year-round. Barranco’s beaches have waves that are better for longboards. There are seven other beaches in Miraflores and four more in Barranco. Serious surfers can also try Playa La Herradura in Chorrillos, which has waves up to 5m high during good swells. Do not leave your belongings unattended, as theft is a problem.