Fort in Lima

Fortaleza del Real Felipe

In the 1820s, the Spanish royalists made their last stand during the battle for independence at this historic fort, which was built in 1747 to guard against pirates. It still houses a small military contingent. Visi…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa Aliaga

Innocuously tucked on a side street by the post office is Casa Aliaga, which stands on land given in 1535 to Jerónimo de Aliaga, one of Pizarro’s followers, and which has been occupied by 16 generations of his desce…
Historic Building in Lima

Palacio Torre Tagle

The most immaculate of Lima’s historic casonas was completed in 1735, with its ornate baroque portico (the best one in Lima) and striking Moorish-style balconies. Unfortunately, it is now home to Peru’s Foreign Mini…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de Oquendo

Two blocks to the north of the Casa de la Riva, the cornflower-blue Casa de Oquendo is a ramshackle turn-of-the-19th-century house (in its time, the tallest in Lima) with a creaky lookout tower that, on a clear day,…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de Pilatos

East of the plaza, the lovely red Casa de Pilatos is home to offices for the Tribunal Constitucional (Supreme Court). Access is a challenge: visitors are only allowed into the courtyard provided there aren’t officia…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de Ricardo Palma

This house was the home of the Peruvian author Ricardo Palma from 1913 until his death in 1919. A listless tour is included in the price.
Historic Building in Lima

Instituto Riva-Aguero

Toward the center of downtown, this traditional casona houses the small Museum of Art & Popular Tradition.
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de la Riva

This handsome, 18th-century mansion features beautiful wooden balconies, an elegant patio and period furnishings.
Historic Site in Lima

Jirón de la Unión

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the five pedestrian blocks on Jirón de la Unión, from the Plaza de Armas to Plaza San Martín, were the place to see and be seen. The street has long since lost its aristocr…