Leimebamba attractions

Top Choice Museum in Leimebamba

Museo Leimebamba

The mummies found at Laguna de los Cóndores are housed in the Museo Leimebamba, 5km south of town. The museum is owned by the local community and located in a wonderfully constructed complex with multitiered roofs t…
Archaeological Site in Leimebamba

Laguna de los Cóndores

This part of Peru hit the spotlight in 1996 when a group of farmers found six chullpas (ancient Andean funerary towers) on a ledge 100m above a cloud-forest lake. The burial site was a windfall for archaeologists, a…
Ruins in Leimebamba

La Congona

The most captivating of the many ancient ruins strewn around Leimebamba, La Congona is definitely worth the three-hour hike needed to get here. The flora-covered site contains several well-preserved circular houses,…