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Full day: Huaca Rajada, Tucume and Sipan Royal Tombs

Our excursion begins at Huaca Rajada, where archeologists discovered the Moche civilization's Lord of Sipán mummy in 1987. You'll also explore Túcume, an 8th century site encompassing dozens of mounds and pyramids once belonging to the Sican culture, and the Lord of Sipán Royal Tombs Museum, home to Moche artifacts including jewelry and headdresses.
9 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour: Brüning National Archeological Museum

The vast array of archeological sites and museums around Chiclayo can be a bit overwhelming, so take a private tour to the impressive Brüning National Archeological Museum; your private guide provides a personalized experience, informing you about the Moche, Chimu and other ancient Peruvian cultures while you admire the collection of artifacts. See the beautiful jewelry, stone works, textiles, pottery, headdresses and more that make up the museum’s collection and provide a little insight into these fascinating civilizations.
3 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Lord of Sipán Royal Tombs Museum Tour

See some of the rarest and most fascinating artifacts of Peru’s ancient Moche civilization at the Royal Tombs Museum. On this tour from Chiclayo with a knowledgeable guide, gain insight into the Moche people, who lived in northern Peru from the 1st to 8th centuries. In 1987, archeologists excavated Moche tombs filled with treasures, as well as mummies like the Lord of Sipán, which now reside at the museum in Lambayeque, just north of Chiclayo. Choose the private tour option for a more personalized experience, if you wish.
3 hours