• Islas Uros Boating the serene blue expanse to mystical islands made entirely of reeds.
  • Isla Taquile Drifting along the hills of an island where the men have a talent for knitting and the women for weaving.
  • Puno Celebrating festivals with blaring brass bands and crazy costumes in Peru’s capital folklórico.
  • Ichu Hiking across farmland and climbing hills to overgrown Incan ruins.
  • Sillustani Visiting awe-inspiring funerary towers.
  • Capachica Peninsula Recharging your batteries in the sunny, somnolent pueblitos (tiny towns).
  • Yavari Stargazing and sleeping onboard a historic steamship.
  • Lake Titicaca Riding the waters into Bolivia to explore the legendary Isla del Sol.
  • Homestays Staying with a local family and learning about lake culture.