Lake Titicaca’s Islands attractions

Top Choice Island in Islas Uros

Islas Uros

These human-made islands constructed from reeds are a fascinating half-day trip from Puno. Each islet is home to between one and ten Uros families, who fashion the buoyant totora reeds into huts, boats and even play…
Top Choice Island in Isla Taquile

Isla Taquile

Miniscule Taquile may be only 7-sq-km, with a population of merely 2000 people, but this island has a distinct culture famous for its colorful textiles. Beautiful landscapes of hills, stone archways and, of course, …
Top Choice Island in Isla Amantaní

Isla Amantaní

Tranquil Amantaní is the island where you can take your time and almost all trips involve an overnight homestay. Many tours day trip through Taquile to the south without continuing north to Amantaní. Helping familie…