Kuélap in detail



Day Hikes

Camino Herradura

  • Start Tingo Viejo
  • End Kuélap
  • Duration four hours one-way
  • Distance 8.9km
  • Difficulty Medium-demanding

The old 8.9km trail from Tingo Viejo up to the Kuélap ruins has seen a lot fewer hiking boots since the cable car opened in 2017, But the path's still there waiting to be tackled by more adventurous travelers. A potential option these days, if you're short on time, is to travel up on the cable car and walk back down on the trail.

Compared to many Peruvian trails, the camino is well-marked. Starting by the river bridge in the village of Tingo Viejo, it zigzags steeply up the mountainside and arrives at the top of Cerro Barreto outside the Acceso 1 entrance gate on the east side of Kuélap's ruins. There are five picnic shelters en route and various signs to keep you on-track. Beware, the upper sections can be muddy after rain.

With a total elevation gain of 1200m, this hike is no cake-walk. Bank on around four hours going up and two hours coming down.