Top things to do in Jauja

Archaeological Site in Jauja

Camino del Inca

A well-preserved Inca road runs from Jauja to Tarma. The most spectacular section is from Tingopaccha (30 minutes from Jauja by taxi) to Inkapatakuna (30 minutes from Tarma), a scenic but tough all-day hike.
Lake in Jauja

Laguna de Paca

This small lakeside resort offers restaurants, rowboats and fishing. A boat ride around the lake will cost S5 to S10 per passenger (depending on how many passengers there are). There are ducks and gulls, and you can…
Peruvian in Jauja

El Paraíso

The best eatery in town is this vast plant-filled restaurant popular with locals who are attracted by bargain specialties such as trucha (river trout) from Laguna de Paca and picante de cuy (roast guinea pig in a sp…
Nature Reserve in Jauja

Reserva Nor Yauyos-Cochas

A huge, iconic Andean smorgasbord of glimmering blue-green mountain lakes nestled within towering peaks and home to the Pariacaca Glacier. You’ll need your own 4WD vehicle (rent one in Lima or Huancayo) to get there…
Cathedral in Jauja

Iglesia Matriz de Santa Fe

This cathedral on the main Plaza de Armas in Jauja is nice to look at, with finely carved wooden altars inside.