Ferry in Iquitos

Consorcio Fluvial del Amazonas Ferry

This modern high-speed ferry connects Iquitos with the Peruvian border town of Santa Rosa (S80, eight to 10 hours) from where you can get further vessels on down the Amazon into Brazil, or get to Leticia in Colombia…
Airline in Iquitos

Star Perú

Star Perú operates two daily flights to and from Lima: the morning Lima-bound flight stops at Pucallpa and the afternoon flight at Tarapoto. Fares start at about US$70 to Lima and US$60 to Pucallpa or Tarapoto.
Boat in Iquitos

Henry Boats Port

For services along the Iquitos–Pucallpa route. Phone information is no longer given, so grab a taxi out here for around S2.50 to check departures.
Port in Iquitos

Puerto Bellavista-Nanay

The port at the very end of Av La Marina, used for local trips to outlying villages and also where some trips to jungle lodges begin.
Port in Iquitos

Puerto Embarcadero

Speedboats to Pevas and Santa Rosa on the tri-frontera with Brazil and Colombia leave from here, among various other vessels.
Ferry in Iquitos

Puerto ENAPU

Puerto ENAPU is where the Consorcio Fluvial del Amazonas Ferry leaves from.
Airport in Iquitos

Francisco Secada Vignetta Airport

Iquitos' airport, with direct daily flights to Lima and Pucallpa. There are also three weekly flights to Cuzco.
Boat in Iquitos

Speedboat Offices

Speedboat offices for booking trips to Pevas and Santa Rosa on the tri-frontera with Brazil and Colombia.
Airline in Iquitos


LATAM has several daily direct runs to Lima, plus flights to Cuzco on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Boat in Iquitos

Puerto Masusa

One of Iquitos' main ports, about 3km north of the center.