There is an overwhelming number of ports around town; for local trips, those worth knowing about include Puerto Bellavista-Nanay and Puerto Embarcadero.


Colectivos and minivans to Nauta take 1½ hours and depart from the Nauta Van & Colectivo Stop. There are swimming opportunities at the creeks and beaches en route.

Buses and trucks for several nearby destinations, including the airport, leave from near Plaza 28 de Julio. Airport buses are marked Nanay–Belén–Aeropuerto: they head south down Arica to the airport.

Local Transport

Squadrons of mototaxis are the bona fide transport round town. They are fun to ride, though they don’t provide much protection in an accident. Always enter mototaxis from the sidewalk side − passing traffic pays scant heed to embarking passengers − and keep your limbs inside at all times. Scrapes and fender benders are common. Most rides around Iquitos cost a standard S1.50 to S3; to the airport it’s about S8 for a mototaxi and S15 for the harder-to-spot cabs. Your accommodation will always order you a taxi on request.

The Basics

A paved road extends 102km through the jungle as far as Nauta on the Río Marañón, near its confluence with the Río Ucayali. Riverboat passengers from Yurimaguas or Lagunas usually alight at Nauta and pick up a local minivan or colectivo to Iquitos, thus making the journey shorter by several hours; Pacaya-Samiria–bound cruises and most jungle lodge vessels depart from Nauta, too.