Top Choice Area in Iquitos


At the southeast end of town is the floating shantytown of Belén, consisting of scores of huts, built on rafts, which rise and fall with the river. During the low-water months, these rafts sit on the river mud and a…
Top Choice Museum in Iquitos

Historical Ships Museum

Moored below Plaza Castilla is the diverting new Historical Ships Museum, on a 1906 Amazon riverboat, the gorgeously restored three-deck Ayapua. The exhibitions reflect the Amazon River's hodgepodge past: explorers,…
Museum in Iquitos

Museum of Indigenous Amazon Cultures

This new and intuitively presented museum takes you on a romp through the traits, traditions and beliefs of the tribes of the Amazon Basin, with a focus on the Peruvian Amazon. Some 40 Amazonian cultures are represe…
Historic Building in Iquitos

Casa de Fierro

Every guidebook mentions the ‘majestic’ Casa de Fierro (Iron House), designed by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame). It was made in Paris in 1860 and imported piece by piece into Iquitos around 1890, during the o…
Church in Iquitos

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Landmark church.
Viewpoint in Iquitos