• Central In its new Barranco location, this is where Virgilio Martínez reimagines humble Peruvian cuisine.
  • Maido Food is art at this world-class Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian fusion) restaurant in Lima.
  • Inti-Mar This working scallop farm serves them at their freshest, with lemon and olive oil.
  • La Patarashca An Amazonian culinary awakening, its namesake is river fish wrapped in bijao leaves.
  • Cicciolina Cuzco's best restaurant walks the razor edge of sophisticated and satisfying.
  • Chicha Gastón Acurio's homage to classic Peruvian food with a twist: think alpaca burgers.


  • La Mar With blaring salsa and seafood Bloody Marys, the party always starts at lunchtime here.
  • Barra Chalaca The tiradito chicuito, marinated fish with capers, toasted garlic and avocado, will send shivers.
  • Caleta La Punta Go to the port of Callao for the freshest ceviche, with a flavorful mango version.
  • Limo Though landlocked, this Cuzco seafood restaurant has astounding sushi rolls bathed in ceviche.
  • Mar Picante Ceviche mixto will check a bucket list craving at this Trujillo restaurant.