The Basics

  • Cevicherías Lunch restaurants serving fresh fish marinated in lime juice, with many variations on the theme.
  • Picanterías Informal local restaurants serving hearty portions of Peruvian comfort food.
  • Novoandina restaurants Gourmet dining that updates old recipes with new techniques and flavor juxtapositions.
  • Pollerías Rotisserie chicken joints found just about everywhere.
  • Chifas Usually inexpensive Chinese restaurants, but this wouldn't be Peru if they didn't add their own twist.
  • Quintas Country-food restaurants serving Andean comfort foods like corn, potatoes and roasted cuy (guinea pig).
  • El Mercado Markets serving hearty soups and other comfort foods with brisk, no-nonsense counter service.

Essential Food & Drink

Arroz chaufa Fried rice is ubiquitous.

Ceviche Raw fish and seafood marinated in lime with onions, hot pepper slivers and other additions.

Chicha Drink usually made from fermented blue corn and consumed before it ferments.

Cuy Guinea pig is a common Andean delicacy.

Potatoes With astonishing diversity and varied presentations.