Ilo restaurants

Seafood in Ilo

Los Corales

The prime shore-front position pretty much guarantees fresh seafood including local favorite, pulpo al olvia (octopus in olive oil), a cold appetizer. It's a step up from the places in front of the fish market as sh…
Peruvian in Ilo

El Malecón

There are several cevicherias (restaurants serving ceviche) on the waterfront but Malecón is the best offering great-value, fresher-than-fresh ceviche and other seafood plates. Ask the friendly owner out front what'…
Seafood in Ilo

Restaurant El Peñon

This long running restaurant has a prime shorefront position with tables that afford great views of the fishermen at the port across the way, but you may not be able to enjoy it due to the port’s distinctive smell.