Tourist Information in Huaraz

Casa de Guías

Runs mountain safety and rescue courses and maintains a list of internationally certified guides. Also mounts rescue operations to assist climbers in emergencies. If you are heading out on a risky ascent, it's worth…
Tourist Information in Huaraz

Parque Nacional Huascarán Office

This is the official headquarters of Parque Nacional Huascarán, although it can't really be classed as a tourist office, and staff only have limited information about visiting the park. You can, however, pay your pa…
Medical in Huaraz

Clínica San Pablo

North of town, this is the best medical care in Huaraz. Some doctors speak English.
Tourist Information in Huaraz


Has general tourist information but little in the way of trekking info.
Tourist Information in Huaraz

Mountain Institute

Promotes environmental awareness in the Cordilleras.
Police in Huaraz

Policía de Turismo

On the west side of the Plaza de Armas.
Post in Huaraz


Postal services.
Bank in Huaraz


Bank in Huaraz


Police in Huaraz

National Police