Bus in Llamac

Turismo Nazario

Turismo Nazario departs Huaraz for Chiquián daily at 5am where you can connect on to Llamac and Pocpa (S30, 5½ hours). Upon arrival in Pocpa, the bus turns right around and passes back through Llamac at 11:15am, bef…
Bus in Huaraz

Movil Tours

Buses to Lima (S35 to S135, eight hours, 10 daily), Chimbote (S40 to S60, five hours, one daily) and Trujillo (S45 to S75, seven hours, two daily). They leave from a terminal 1.5km northwest of Plaza de Armas.
Bus in Chiquián

Turismo Nazario

Daily bus from Chiquián to Llamac (S15, 1¼ hours) at 8am for the Cordillera Huayhuash circuit. Also goes to Huaraz (S10, 2½ hours) daily at 7:30am and 2pm (plus extra evening buses on Friday and Sunday).
Bus in Huaraz

Combis to Carhuaz, Yungay & Caraz

Combis (minibuses) for Carhuaz, Yungay & Caraz leave every few minutes during the day from a lot on Cajamarca, near Raimondi. These will drop you in any of the towns along the way
Bus in Huaraz

Minibuses to Recuay & Catac

Minibuses south along the Callejón de Huaylas to Recuay, Catac and other villages leave from the corner terminal at Calle 27 de Noviembre and Confraternidad Internacional Oeste.
Airline in Huaraz

LC Perú

Operates thrice weekly flights to/from Lima (US$120, one hour) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Flights leave in the morning, but they are often cancelled at short notice.
Bus in Huaraz

Transportes Renzo

Has a rambling 6am, noon and 8pm service to Pomabamba (S25, seven hours), stopping at Chacas and Piscobamba. Another service leaves at 7am for San Luis via Chacas.
Bus in Huaraz

Transportes El Rápido

Buses leave at 5am and 2pm to Chiquián (S25, three hours) where you can find connections onto Llamac. Also services to Huallanca and La Unión.
Bus in Chiquián

Transportes El Rapido

Connects Chiquián with Huaraz (S15, two hours) with departures at 5am and 2pm. Also offers a service to Lima (S35, eight hours, once daily).
Bus in Caraz

Expreso Yungay

Has a service to Chimbote (S35, six hours, once daily) via the Cañon del Pato and other buses via Casma (S30, four hours, three daily).