The privatized postal system is run by Serpost ( Its service is fairly efficient and reliable, but surprisingly expensive. Most international mail will take about two weeks to arrive from Lima; longer from the provinces.

Peruvian Addresses

A post-office box is known as an apartado postal (abbreviated ‘Apartado,’ ‘Apto’ or ‘AP’) or a casilla postal (‘Casilla’ or ‘CP’). Some addresses have s/n (short for sin numero, or ‘without a number’) or cuadra (‘block,’ eg Block 4) after the street name.

Only addresses in Lima and neighboring Callao require postal codes. Those used most often by travelers are Lima 1 (Central Lima), Lima 4 (Barranco), Lima 18 (Miraflores) and Lima 27 (San Isidro). Note that the word ‘Lima’ is essential to these postal codes.