Religious in Huaraz


Carnaval in Huaraz is very busy, with Peruvian tourists flooding to town, many of whom will get soaked on the city’s take on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). On Ash Wednesday colorful funeral processions for ño carnavalón …
Sports in Parque Nacional Huascarán

Sierra Andina Mountain Trail

First run in 2016, this 45km-long high-altitude 'marathon' (3km longer and a lot harder than a traditional 42km marathon) follows the standard Santa Cruz trail route between Vaqueria (where it starts) and Cashapampa…
Cultural in Carhuaz

La Virgen de la Merced Fiesta

Carhuaz’ annual La Virgen de La Merced fiesta is celebrated from September 14 to 24 with processions, fireworks, dancing, bullfights and plenty of drinking – so much that the town is often referred to as Carhuaz bor…
Sports in Huaraz

Festival de Andinismo

Held annually, this festival celebrates all kinds of adventure sports – from trail running and mountain biking to paragliding and mountain-climbing. Competitions and exhibitions are held, as well as ultra-runs and d…
Cultural in Huaraz

El Seńor de la Soledad

Huaraz pays homage to its patron (the Christ of Solitude) beginning May 3. This weeklong festival involves fireworks, music, dancing, elaborately costumed processions and lots of drinking.
Religious in Chiquián

Santa Rosa de Lima

This annual festival is held in late August is in honor of Santa Rosa de Lima and celebrated with dances, parades, music and bullfights.