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Top Choice Peruvian in Huánuco

Tradiciones Huanuqueñas

This is the quintessential eating experience in Huánuco, which is why it gets our vote. Dishes remain true to the Peruvian Andes, prices remain down to earth and portions pose challenges for most appetites. Add on a…
Ruins in Huánuco

Temple of Kotosh

This temple ruin is also known as the Temple of the Crossed Hands because of the life-sized mud molding of a pair of crossed hands, which is the site’s highlight. The molding dates to about 2000 BC and is now at Lim…
Burgers in Huánuco

Lookcos Burger Grill

This large, two-floor squeaky-clean restaurant serves mean burgers and sandwiches, sports a balcony, and a bar blaring out a diverse selection of ear-splitting reggaetón come nightfall.
in Huánuco


This Hare Krishna-run restaurant serves excellent vegetarian set meals with all the predictable permutations of tofu, veggies, rice and noodles in a somewhat gloomy setting.
Pizza in Huánuco

La Piazzetta

This upscale restaurant does quality Italian food including tasty pizzas: service is prompt and there is a good range of Chilean and Argentinean wines.
Bar in Huánuco


A mellow kind of place with a small dance floor downstairs and a cozy upstairs area for drinks: go on, come knock back some of their house sangria!
in Huánuco

Shorton Grill

This grilled-chicken restaurant is thinly disguised as a grill; chicken, chips and beer is where this place is at, and it’s good.
Chinese in Huánuco

Chifa Khon Wa

The largest and most popular Chinese eatery in town.
Traditional Dance in Huánuco

Dance of the Blacks

Huánuco’s most singular festival sees revelers remember the slaves brought to work in the area’s mines by donning black masks, dressing up brightly and drinking – lots. It’s held January 1, 6 and 18.
Church in Huánuco

Iglesia San Francisco

The Iglesia San Francisco is Huánuco’s most appealing church, with lavish baroque-style altars and interesting escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school) paintings.