Checking flights...


LC Peru flies to and from Lima daily. The airport is 5km north of town. Take a cab (S10) to get there.

Bus & Taxi

Buses go to Lima (S25 to S50, eight hours), Pucallpa (S25 to S35, 11 hours), La Merced (S20, six hours) and Huancayo (S20, six hours), with companies all over town.

A colectivo taxi is best for La Unión (S25, four hours) or Tantamayo (S30, five hours), as the ascent is on a narrow corkscrewing road. Head to the cuadra of Tarapaca between San Martín and Huallayco to find several La Unión colectivo companies clamoring for your business.

Take a Pucallpa-bound bus (S10, 3½ hours) or a colectivo taxi for (S20, two hours) Tingo María from the river end of General Prado.

For Cerro de Pasco, minibuses (S10, three hours) and colectivo taxis (S20, two hours) leave from Paradero de Cayhuayna, a 1km mototaxi ride from the center, as do colectivos to La Oroya and the Tarma turn-off at El Cruce (S40, 3½ hours).

Bahía Continental One of the more luxury options. Regular bus to Lima at 10am plus bus-camas at 9:30pm, 10pm and 10:15pm (the last is most comfortable).

Turismo Central Pucallpa 8am and 8pm, Huancayo 9.30pm.

Transportes Chavín Colectivos to Tantamayo aren't as common as to La Unión – not least because the road is worse – but these guys offer daily morning services, leaving around 5am. Ideally, come here the day before to book your berth.