Train Station in Huancayo

Chilca Train Station

The Chilca train station for Huancavelica is at the southern end of town. Unlike the Huancayo–Lima line, the run to Huancavelica is still very much a real passenger service, and very much recommended as an experienc…
Taxi in Huancayo

Colectivos to Huancavelica

Cars tout the run to Huancavelica from around the mini-triangle formed by Av Ferrocarril and Ancash. Rides are by colectivo (shared transportation), only leaving when four passengers have agreed to board.
Bus in Huancayo

Buses to Cochas

Access Cochas Grande and Cochas Chico, where the famous burillados (carved gourds) are made, with these minibuses from outside Supermercado Plaza Vea.
Bus Station in Huancayo

Turismo Central

Buses north to Huánuco (S40 to S50, six hours), Tingo María (S60, eight hours) and Pucallpa (S70, 16 hours). It also has an office in Terminal Los Andes.
Bus in Huancayo

Cruz del Sur

The most luxurious Lima-bound buses, with between eight and 10 daily services. This is the booking office. Its bus station is located at Ferrocarril 151 (get a taxi there).
Bus Station in Huancayo

Expreso Molina

The recommended service for the seven-hour trip to Ayacucho with morning and night departures.
Train in Huancayo

Central Train Station

Train station for the monthly train to Lima on one of the world's highest railway lines.
Bus Station in Huancayo

Terminal Los Andes

Bus station for destinations further north in the Andes and for the central jungle.
Bus in Huancayo

Los Canarios

Serves Tarma almost hourly and will stop at Jauja and Concepción, too.
Airline in Huancayo

LC Peru

Flies between Jauja and Lima.