Top things to do in Huancayo

Top Choice Traditional Music in Huancayo

La Cabaña

Contemplate this: a man collects wondrous and miraculous things, from old fruit machines to antiquated aguardiente-making equipment throughout his life and then arranges them around a lively, cozy restaurant that ma…
Top Choice International in Huancayo

La Cabaña

This haunt is popular with locals and travelers alike for its relaxed ambience, hearty food and tasty pisco sours (grape brandy cocktails). When you’re suitably mellow, order a scrumptious pizza or graze on trout, j…
Market in Huancayo

Mercado Mayorista

A colorful produce market spills out from the covered Mercado Mayorista, east along the railway tracks. In the meat section, you can buy Andean delicacies such as frogs, guinea pigs and chickens; an incredible varie…
Peruvian in Huancayo


This classy establishment is the local eatery of choice in El Tambo district, where Real becomes Castilla northwest of town. A flower-filled courtyard and walls decorated with San Pedro de Cajas tapestries and poems…
Peruvian in Huancayo

Detrás de la Catedral

This well-run, attractively presented place exudes a woody, warm feeling and has garnered plenty of regular patrons with its broad menu: a flight of steps up from the usual chicken-and-rice choices. Enjoy filling bu…
Peruvian in Huancayo


Effortlessly combining common-people’s cafeteria with upscale restaurant, this joint is so Huancayo, right down to the model train in the central dining area. Go Andean with mondongo (broth made with maize, tripe, m…
Bakery in Huancayo

Café Coqui

This modern bakery/coffee shop is a contender for the best breakfast stop in the Central Andes, serving tasty sandwiches, pastries, empanadas, real espresso and other coffees. It’s lively from morning until evening …
Traditional Dance in Huancayo

Año Nuevo

New Year's festivities in Huancayo are some of Peru’s most unusual. Dances performed include the huaconada, in which revelers dress up to look like quirky old men with big noses, representing village elders who, in …
Traditional Music in Huancayo

Restaurant Peña Turistico Wanka Wanka

This peńa (bar or club featuring live folkloric music) in El Tambo attracts local bands such as Kjantu and has good cumbia and folk music. The food and drinks are pricy though. Take a taxi here (S3).
Religious in Huancayo

Semana Santa

One of the biggest events in Huancayo, with big religious processions attracting people from all over Peru in the week leading up to Easter.