Market in Huancayo

Mercado Mayorista

The colorful produce market spills out from the covered Mercado Mayorista, east along the railway tracks. In the meat section you can buy Andean delicacies such as frogs, guinea pigs and chickens, while an incredibl…
Arts & Crafts in Huancayo

Feria Dominical

This craft market occupies numerous blocks along Huancavelica to the northwest of Piura, offering weavings, textiles, embroidered items, ceramics and wood carvings. Mates burilados (carved gourds) and many other ite…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Huancayo

Casa del Artesano

Handy Casa del Artesano on the south corner of the plaza, is an indoor crafts market with a wide range of art souvenirs for sale in a secure environment.
Mall in Huancayo

Real Plaza Mall

The main western-style mall in the Andes, providing a stark contrast with the timeless market outside its doors.