Top Choice Peruvian in Huancayo


This joint is so Huancayo, right down to the model train in the central dining area, effortlessly combining common people’s cafeteria with upscale restaurant. Go for Andean with mondongo (broth made with maize, trip…
Peruvian in Huancayo

Detrás de la Catedral

This well-run, attractively presented place exudes a woody, warm feeling and has garnered plenty of regular patrons with its broad menu: a few steps up from the usual chicken-and-rice choices. Enjoy filling burgers …
Peruvian in Huancayo

Nuevo Horizonte

Inside an atmospheric older house with attractive ceilings, this place has an excellent vegetarian menu using soy to recreate Peruvian plates such as lomo saltado (strips of beef stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, po…
Peruvian in Huancayo


Northwest of town, Real becomes Mariscal Castilla in El Tambo district. The local eatery of choice is this classy establishment. A flower-filled courtyard and walls decorated with San Pedro de Cajas tapestries and p…
Peruvian in Huancayo

Restaurant Olímpico

Here for more than six decades, this is Huancayo’s oldest (though modernized) restaurant. It features a large open kitchen where you can see the traditional Peruvian dishes prepared. It’s classy, in a really retro w…
Peruvian in Huancayo

Supermercado Laive

Try Supermercado Laive for self-catering options.