Top Choice Peruvian in Huancayo


This joint is so Huancayo, right down to the model train in the central dining area, effortlessly combining common people’s cafeteria with upscale restaurant. Go for Andean with mondongo (broth made with maize, trip…
Peruvian in Huancayo


Northwest of town, Real becomes Mariscal Castilla in El Tambo district. The local eatery of choice is this classy establishment. A flower-filled courtyard and walls decorated with San Pedro de Cajas tapestries and p…
Cafe in Huancayo

Sofa Café Paris

With the chilled vibe you’d hope from the name, this is a lively venue with a wrap-around mezzanine level to oversee the action below. It favors Nirvana over Andean music and is frequented by trendy young huancaínos…
Peruvian in Huancayo

Detrás de la Catedral

This well-run, attractively presented place exudes a woody, warm feeling and has garnered plenty of regular patrons with its broad menu: a few steps up from the usual chicken-and-rice choices. Enjoy filling burgers …
Bakery in Huancayo

Café Coqui

This modern bakery/coffee shop is a contender for the best breakfast stop in the Central Andes, serving tasty sandwiches, pastries, empanadas, real espresso and other coffees. It’s lively from morning until evening …
International in Huancayo

La Cabaña

This haunt is popular with locals and travelers alike for its relaxed ambience, hearty food and tasty pisco (grape brandy) sours. When you’re suitably mellow order a scrumptious pizza or graze on trout, juicy grills…
Cafe in Huancayo

Zalema Social Coffee

Watch this neat little Bohemian space: if it keeps on like this it's going places. Understated decoration themed around the other passion of the owners (mountain climbing), a laid-back feel, decent coffee, an open f…
Peruvian in Huancayo

Nuevo Horizonte

Inside an atmospheric older house with attractive ceilings, this place has an excellent vegetarian menu using soy to recreate Peruvian plates such as lomo saltado (strips of beef stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, po…
Italian in Huancayo

La Italia

One of a growing group of quality eateries around Parque Túpac Amaru, this has the best Italian food for many, many miles around. It’s owned by an Italian: let no more be said.
Supermarket in Huancayo

Supermercado Plaza Vea

Sports the best supermarket around.