Tourist Information in Huancayo

Incas del Perú

In the lamentable continued absence of a decent tourist office in the city, tour operator Incas del Perú has stepped up as a recommended source for information on just about anything in the area.
Medical in Huancayo

Clínica Ortega

English is spoken. Located southwest of the center.
Laundry in Huancayo

Lavandería Cisne

Offers both self-service and drop-off; 2kg minimum.
Bank in Huancayo


On the corner of Plaza de la Constitución.
Police in Huancayo

Police Station

Most central police station in Huancayo.
Bank in Huancayo

Banco Continental

Has a pair of ATMs.
Post in Huancayo


Postal services.
Exchange in Huancayo

Casa de Cambio