This tour outfitter's ever-active Lucho Hurtado, a local who speaks English and knows the surrounding area well, organizes an incredible array of activities. For the fit, he arranges demanding, multiday Andean mountain-trekking expeditions to the lake and glacier in the nearby mountains (three days & two nights per person S1170). Incas del Perú is located in the La Cabaña restaurant.

There are also extreme mountain-biking excursions (day trips per person S425) or horse-riding treks (two-person minimum, day trips per person S280) on offer down the eastern slopes of the Andes and into high jungle. It isn’t luxurious, but it’s a good chance to experience something of the real rural Peru.

Incas del Perú also arrange Spanish and Quechua lessons, including meals and accommodations with a local family (if you wish), for S650 to S1000 per week. Lessons can be modified to fit your interests. You can also learn to cook regional dishes, engage in the local handicraft of gourd carving or discover how to play Andean panpipes.