Top things to do in Huancavelica

Top Choice Parrilla in Huancavelica

Pollos y Parrilladas El Centro

There are two large parts to this plaza-facing restaurant – separated by the kitchen – and at lunchtime every inch of space is needed, as seemingly all of Huancavelica’s residents descend here to eat. A good grilled…
Mine in Huancavelica

Minas de Santa Bárbara

The ghostly mines of Santa Barbara, high in the hills above Huancavelica, and accessed by a tough but rewarding 1½ hour hike, are the city's most poignant site. Closed since a collapse ended two centuries of mineral…
Cathedral in Huancavelica


Huancavelica’s most spectacular religious building, built in 1673, has been restored in attractive maroon and white. It contains what some say is the best colonial altar in Peru, with ornate cedar woodwork, as well …
Church in Huancavelica

Iglesia de San Francisco

A church with intricate altars – 11 of them.
Lake in Huancavelica

Laguna de Choclococha

Dazzling on a sunny day when the surrounding mountains are mirrored in its waters, Laguna de Choclococha at 4700m is one of many lakes adorning the Rumichaca road. Birdlife at the lake includes condors. There is goo…
Museum in Huancavelica

Instituto Nacional de Cultura

This museum has displays about the area, plus a bundle of interesting information if you catch the right attendant on the right day and ask. There's a great little bookshop here (the volumes look untouched in decade…
Cafe in Huancavelica

Killa Cafe

The nicest cafe in town has decent coffee, a great torta de chocolate (chocolate cake), wi-fi and limited but tasty snacks, such as pancakes, tamales and sandwiches.
Church in Huancavelica

Iglesia de San Cristóbal

Attention is due to the building work on this two-towered church, containing several escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school) paintings, but its beauty still shines through.
Religious in Huancavelica

Fiesta de las Cruces

The Festival of the Crosses is held for six days in May. Revelers bear crosses and local bands play music in the plazas.
Church in Huancavelica

Iglesia de La Ascensión

The red-and-cream facade of this 17th-century church is thought to show traces of Moorish influence.