Huancavelica's churches are noted for their silver-plated altars, unlike the gold-plated ones usually found in the rest of Peru’s colonial churches. There are several churches of note here, although they are generally closed to tourism. However, you can go as a member of the congregation when they are open for services, usually early in the morning on weekdays, with longer morning hours on Sunday.

The oldest church in Huancavelica is Iglesia de Santa Ana, founded in the 16th century. Dating from the 17th century are Iglesia de San Francisco, renowned for its 11 intricately worked altars; Iglesia de Santo Domingo, with famous statues made in Italy of Santo Domingo and La Virgen del Rosario; Iglesia de San Sebastián, which has been well restored; Iglesia de San Cristóbal; and Iglesia de La Ascensión.