Hospedaje El Gato

Lodge in Río Tambopata

One of those rare jungle lodges catering to mochileros (backpackers), this rustic refuge in Baltimore is 90km from Puerto Maldonado up on a cliff by a bubbling tributary of the Río Tambopata, complete with waterfalls and bathing spots. In terms of the 'rainforest experience' it gives the pricier lodges hereabouts a run for their money.

To get there, you could take the passenger boat departing Puerto Maldonado's Tambopata ferry dock at 8am on Mondays, returning from Baltimore around the same time on Fridays. Or you could take a Laberinto-bound colectivo/minivan to Km 37 on the Carr Interocéanica, then hike (three hours) down to the riverbank opposite the hospedaje (homestay), where a boat can collect you. With either of these options, the cost is vastly lower (just S80 per person per night with activities and food thrown in) than the standard rates quoted (which are for a standard package with airport pickup).

Book online or at the Puerto Maldonado office.