Hacienda Concepción

Lodge in Río Madre de Dios

This bright, enticing lodge is one of the southern Amazon’s best. Facilities might be classic top-end Inkaterra but the big draw is that its prices are not. Its spacious rooms, fashioned out of reclaimed timber, exude an early 20th-century glamor, and there's a securely mosquito-netted bar, chill-out area and restaurant (serving incredible food).

The serene location could hardly be better, with an on-site rainforest learning center and laboratory, its own private cocha (an indigenous word for lagoon) nearby and Lago Sandoval a stone’s throw away. Electricity is from 5:30am to 9:30am and 6pm to 11pm: it’s one of the few jungle lodges with cell-phone reception and wi-fi. Rooms are spread around the 2nd floor surveying the forest clearing with a broad wraparound terrace, while cabins have secluded cocha views – good enough, according to staff, for celebrities such as Mick Jagger to favor.

Book online or at Inkaterra in Lima or Cuzco.