Cuzco shopping

Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Center for Traditional Textiles of Cuzco

This nonprofit organization, founded in 1996, promotes the survival of traditional weaving. You may be able to catch a shop-floor demonstration illustrating different weaving techniques in all their finger-twisting …
Market in Cuzco

Mercado San Pedro

Cuzco’s central market is a must-see. Pig heads for caldo (soup), frogs (to enhance sexual performance), vats of fruit juice, roast lechón (suckling pig) and tamales are just a few of the foods on offer. Around the …
Coffee in Cuzco

Cafe Ricchary

This tiny coffee seller near the San Pedro Market sells great local organic roasts, ground and whole bean, for very reasonable prices. You can also get a hot cup but there's only two stools to sit at.
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Inkakunaq Ruwaynin

This weaving cooperative with quality goods is run by 12 mountain communities from Cuzco and Apurimac; it’s at the far end of the inner courtyard.
Books in Cuzco


Cuzco’s most extensive public book exchange, plus used guidebooks, new titles and music for sale.
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Taller Mendivil

A cramped but interesting artisan shop bursting with religious figures and ornate mirrors.
Sports & Outdoors in Cuzco


Crammed with new gear and rentals, this gear shop is a handy stop for all your trekking needs, including repellent, equipment and some clothing. There are tents, stoves, hiking poles, sleeping bags and pads for rent…
Market in Cuzco

Mercado de Huanchac

Huanchac is the local destination of choice for breakfast the morning after, specializing in the two hangover staples – jolting acid ceviche and greasy chicharrón (deep-fried pork).
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Taller Mendivil

One of several outlets of a well-known artisan shop selling souvenirs, religious figures and ornate mirrors.
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Taller and Museo Mérida

Taller and Museo Mérida offers striking earthenware statues that straddle the border between craft and art.