To & From the Airport

The airport is about 6km south of the city center. The combi lines Imperial and C4M (S0.80, 20 minutes) run from Av El Sol to just outside the airport. A taxi to or from the city center to the airport costs S30. An official radio taxi from within the airport costs S40. With advance reservations, many hotels offer free pickup.


Local rides on public transportation cost only S1, though it’s easier to walk or just take a taxi than to figure out where any given combi is headed.


There are no meters in taxis, but there are set rates. At the time of research, trips within the city center cost S8 and destinations further afield, such as El Molino, cost S12. Check with your hotel whether this is still correct, and rather than negotiate, simply hand the correct amount to your driver at the end of your ride; he is unlikely to argue if you seem to know what you’re doing. Official taxis, identified by a lit company telephone number on the roof, are more expensive than taxis flagged down on the street, but they are safer.

Unofficial ‘pirate’ taxis, which only have a taxi sticker in the window, have been complicit in muggings, violent assaults and kidnappings of tourists. Before getting into any taxi, do as savvy locals do and take conspicuous note of the registration number.

AloCusco is a reliable company to call.