Currently, Machu Picchu tickets can be purchased through DIRCETUR, IncaRail, Peru Rail and the bookstore of the Museo Histórico Regional. Travel agencies are all too willing to help out with travel arrangements – for a hefty commission, of course.

DIRCETUR The main place in Cuzco to purchase Machu Picchu entry tickets; closed on holidays.

Dirección Regional de Cultura Cusco The organizing body for tourism in Cuzco.

Fertur Peru Travel Local office of long-established, very reliable agency for flights and all conventional tours.

iPerú Efficient and helpful. Excellent source for tourist information for both the region and entire country. There's an adjoining section of guarded ATMs. Also has a branc at the airport.

South American Explorers SAE’s Cuzco clubhouse has good-quality maps, books and brochures for sale, a huge stock of travel information and recommendations, wi-fi access, a book exchange and rooms for rent. Weekly events and limited volunteer information are available to nonmembers.

Useful Websites

Andean Travel Web ( More than 1000 pages of information and recommendations.

Diario del Cusco ( Online edition of the local newspaper (Spanish-language).

Municipalidad del Cusco ( The city’s official website.