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    The most consistently popular nightspot in town, Ukuku’s plays a winning combination of crowd-pleasers – Latin and Western rock, reggae, reggaetón, salsa and hip-hop – and often hosts live bands. Usually full to bursting after midnight with as many Peruvians as foreign tourists, it’s good, sweaty, dance-a-thon fun. Happy hour is 8pm to 10:30pm.

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    Km 0

    This convivial bar just off Plaza San Blas has a bit of everything. There’s live music late regularly – local musicians come here to jam after their regular gigs. Happy hour is 9pm to midnight.

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    Mama Africa

    Mama Africa is the classic backpackers’ hangout, usually packed with people sprawled across cushions or swaying to rock and reggae rhythms. Happy hour is 8:30pm to 11pm.