Tour description provided by Viator

Discover Peruvian culture on a half-day tour from Cusco to the Awana Kancha textile center. Begin with a visit to Cusco's Temple of the Sun as well as the impressive Cathedral. Then take a look into the culture and craftsmanship of weaving at Awana Kancha, which translates directly to ‘Palace of Weaving.’ After seeing how the furs from alpacas, llamas, vicuñas and guanacos are made into textiles, conclude with drop-off back at your hotel.

After pickup from your downtown Cusco hotel, visit the Coricancha, also known as the 'Temple of the Sun,' built under the orders of Inca Pachacútec (1438-1471) and used as a base for the construction of the Santo Domingo Convent upon the arrival of the Spaniards. Learn from your guide how the Sun (Inti, in Quechua) was worshiped during the Inca Empire, and how the temple's walls were fully covered with gold sheets and the courtyards were planted with golden corn and life-size llamas. Head to the Cathedral, the most impressive building on the Main Square. Hear how the Ecclesiastical Chapter ordered the extraction and transportation of thousands of stones from the Sacsayhuamán fortress for the Cathedral's construction, which took nearly a century to complete. Then visit Sacsayhuamán, built in the 15th century with megalithic blocks. The transportation and erection of the blocks continue to be a fascinating mystery. Continue to Qenqo, an archaeological complex mainly used for religious purposes, and explore Puka Pukara, also known as the Red Fortress. Presumably used for military purposes, see the complex's many rooms, squares, bathrooms, aqueducts, walls and towers with your guide. Finally, reach Awana Kancha (en route to Pisac), after a scenic trip to the valley. See the farm of South American camelids and showroom of textiles, where local families show the entire traditional process of weaving and making garments. Your tour will conclude with drop-off back at your hotel.