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Limatambo, 80km west of Cuzco, is named after the Inca site of Rimactambo, also popularly known as Tarawasi which is situated beside the road, about 2km west of town. The site was used as a ceremonial center, as well as a resting place for the chasquis (Inca runners who delivered messages over long distances). The exceptional polygonal retaining wall, noteworthy for its 28 human-sized niches, is in itself worth the trip from Cuzco. On the wall below it, look for flower shapes and a nine-sided heart amid the patchwork of perfectly interlocking stones. There are basic, hard-to-find accommodations in Limatambo.

The natural thermal baths of Cconoc are a 3km walk downhill from a turnoff 10km east of minor transport hub Corahuasi, 1½ hours east of Abancay. They have a restaurant, a bar, taxis and a basic hotel. For information, call DIRCETUR Abancay.

The Inca site of Saihuite, 45km east of Abancay, has a sizable, intricately carved boulder called the Stone of Saihuite, which is similar to the famous sculpted rock at Q’enqo, near Cuzco, though it’s smaller and more elaborate. The carvings of animals are particularly intricate. Ask to be let off at the turnoff to the ruins, from where it is a 1km walk downhill.

Cachora, 15km from the highway from the same turnoff as Saihuite, is the most common starting point for the hike to Choquequirao. There are a few guesthouses, a campground and local guides and mules for hire.

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